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estefany, 28
Buenas noches
Egron, 34
Hola Dios les bendiga a todos.
Victor, 26

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Nuevo chat con video
July, 17 2013
Today we have launched our new Video Chat. At the moment it is available only on www.Loveprix.es domain.

Compra de créditos desde el 28 de marzo de 2012
March, 23 2012
Starting on March, 28 2012, there will be a charge to get credits on Loveprix. The approximate price for 100 credits is $1. At the same time, we plan ... Read more >>

Problemas del chat
January, 26 2012
Some users have reported issues using chat. We have made the necessary changes. If you experience chat issues, please press CTRL R to refresh the page... Read more >>

New chat version
December, 11 2011
Today we have launched the new version of chat. We hope it will be easier to use. Please report any error Read more >>

Estatus VIP para los más inteligentes
October, 14 2011
We have reduced the requirements to obtain VIP status to 50% of correct answers to the questions of the Test for General Education Level. This means t... Read more >>

Launch of Loveprix
August, 30 2011
Dear Friends!
   We are pleased to announce the startup of our dating website. Today is its first day of operation. We hope that over time it will help ... Read more >>

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